Happy at Work Slack App

If you have a Happy at Work subscription, this app will help your organization keep track of engagement, happiness and workload at the workplace by communicating with your team members and assisting you in gathering intel on how your organization is doing. The app is completely free to install but requires a Happy at Work subscription to work properly.

Happy at Work is an easy-to-use employee survey tool that measures well-being, happiness and levels of stress in your organization. You can keep in touch with your employees and gather continuous anonymous feedback through pulse surveys on their work situation, in the office or at home.

We believe in evaluating the work environment frequently and over time with simple but insightful questions. It allows you to quickly detect negative trends and act before it's too late. You can also do customized and unlimited amounts of surveys.

The app is available in all countries and has support for English, Swedish, Norwegian and Hungarian. More languages are added continuously.

If you have any feedback or questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact us at support@happyatwork.se.

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